Join this global broadcast gospel event!

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Be a part of the next generation of dynamic Bible teaching by internet, smart phone, tablet, and television!

You can bring Pastor John Bradshaw into your home or church to teach insights and applications from the Bible’s book of Revelation. All you need is an internet connection and a screen of any size.

Pastor Bradshaw will present “Revelation Today—The Mysteries Revealed,” a three week exploration of the Bible’s book of Revelation from October 9-31. The event will stream to the world nightly, except Mondays and Thursdays, from Chattanooga, Tennessee.

Participation will be so easy! You (and your friends and neighbors) can’t afford to miss this! Each night a different, insightful, Bible message will be transmitted in high definition via the internet, delivering an excellent signal, free of charge, to any TV network or station who wishes to air it anywhere in the world. For example, a TV channel in India could take the signal, add a several-second delay, provide real time translation, and overlay local contact information at the bottom of the screen.  In addition, Hope Channel will broadcast the program around the globe.

Even more exciting is the new cross-platform smartphone app that will allow millions of people to watch anytime, anywhere—and connect with local churches, or each other, for further conversations, study, or baptism. Likewise, host sites could find participants to offer them additional hospitality and ministry.

The app will allow users to watch the program live, or at a later time; and it will facilitate interaction with our featured guest experts. For example Pastor Bradshaw may interview an archeologist via video chat during the program. A viewer could use the app to ask a question, or could tweet or text us a question in the middle of the interview, and receive an answer.

Because this is such an important and exciting time for revitalizing the Church’s evangelistic efforts, we hope every congregation, and possibly every member, will utilize these resources to stream the program and offer local hospitality and follow-up ministry

Individuals, churches, and groups can easily watch/host the Revelation Today: The Mysteries Reveald. So, Register now to be a host site! Once registered, you will get updates about the meetings and information on how to promote them in your community. No technical experience is required—just a desire to share Jesus with others. Register at